Troubleshooting Your Campaign: Your Audience Doesn’t Understand Crowdfunding

Some lucky artists have a tech-savvy audience. Others’ ask, “What’s a Kickstarter?”

If your audience wants to participate but needs a mini crowdfunding boot camp to do so, here are a few tips to make it as easy as possible.

  • Simplify the concept. Crowdfunding means a lot of things to you, but when you boil it down to what it means to your audience, it’s just one thing: the place to preorder your next book/album/film/gadget for one special month. Don’t confuse them with unnecessary details.
  • Simplify your perk menu. Make sure it is extremely obvious where a visitor clicks to buy your thing. Don’t get carried away with cutesy titles and inside joke descriptions, or with cluttered menus with too many perks.
  • Use tailored “secret” perks. On Indiegogo, you can create “secret” perks – the benefit of this is that is creates a dedicated URL for just one perk. You could create a “secret perk” that is just a clone of the perk to preorder your book/album/etc., and only send the confused that dedicated link. This will streamline the process from their end – less things to find, less things to click.
  • Figure out how to accept cash or checks. On Indiegogo, you can pledge anonymously on behalf of others to your own campaign, making it easy for you to deposit cash or checks from backers towards your campaign total. That way, the confused don’t need to bother with online shopping at all. On other platforms, you may need to get more creative with how to process non-electronic pledges.
  • Have tech support on call. This could be an intern, a cousin, or another kindly soul who is willing to help out on the phone or in person.

If you find a majority of your audience simply doesn’t shop online, that may be frustrating during the month your campaign – but it is very valuable intel come time for your project launch. How will you adjust your sales plan if online distribution is unlikely to be effective?

For a free analysis of your crowdfunding idea, please fill out our questionnaire. We send a personalized diagnostic of your idea’s strengths and weaknesses – a $125 value! – within 2 weeks.

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