The Artist’s Partner is a crowdfunding consulting service that is currently on hiatus. We have helped artists and entrepreneurs raise a quarter of a million dollars for their creative projects through Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Since 2013 we have specialized in providing consulting to the 85% looking to raise up to $20,000 through crowdfunding.

We are not currently accepting proposals. If you need help crowdfunding your project, feel free to take our free crowdfunding course offered through Reedsy.com. Our first book, Crowdfunding for Authors, is also available for preorder for a limited time on Indiegogo. The content in both cases is tailored to authors, but the concepts apply to any crowdfunding campaign.

bcThe Artist’s Partner is based out of Charlottesville, VA. Our clients are nationwide. The Artist’s Partner was started by Bethany Joy Carlson, CFA, serial entrepreneur, scriptwriter, class of 2015 WriterHouse Vice President, BACCA co-founder, Renaissance School math and physics teacher, and former NASA researcher and film and television casting associate.

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