How to succeed at crowdfunding: Closing Day

Sprint across your crowdfunding campaign’s finish line (even though you’ll be tired!). Campaign funding tends to be U-shaped, with the greatest amount of activity on the first and last days, as illustrated by this data from Kickstarter.

pledge pattern graph

You’ll want to maximize that final day and gather up as many of the procrastinators in your crowd as you can. Our recommendations mirror those for Launch Day:

  1. Dedicated “Last Chance!” email. This email should be short and sweet. Your network has by now heard from you many times, so this is a short, fun reminder with images and most importantly the link to your campaign, with one simple message: the campaign closes at midnight tomorrow, and this is their last chance for special pre-order opportunities. (As a reminder – email and social media are not created equal. Social media is not useless, but email prompts action. Don’t neglect your email list!)
  2. Deadline phone campaign. Especially for those people you’ve expected to get on board and have yet to show up, it’s worthwhile giving them a ring and talking to them in person. They may have questions on how to pledge, what the money is going towards, or how else they can get involved. Be upbeat and remind them that this is their last chance to get in early on your exciting new project.
  3. Influencer synchronization. Your Influencers deserve a little one-on-one time, too. Ask them to repost or resend what they’ve already sent to their networks, with the “Last Chance!” message.
  4. Deadline event. Just think of the ball dropping in Times Square – people love a count-down. Have a little party and make sure to have your laptop connected to your TV screen so that partygoers can watch the %-funded tick up live. Have samples of your rewards and invite people to pledge, auction style. Food, beverages, and music get folks in a festive mood.
  5. Social Media blasts. Update your profile picture with your key campaign image and the “Last Chance!” message. It’s a good idea to hit your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and/or other feeds multiple times during the final 24 hours.
  6. “Last Chance!” campaign update. And, don’t forget your backers! Publish a campaign update (like the blog on your campaign), thanking your faithful backers and reminding them this is their last chance to invite their friends and family before time runs out. This is a good time to hype any special rewards, stretch goals, or other last-minute news.

For a free crowdfunding analysis of your project, please fill out our Artist Questionnaire. We typically respond within two weeks. We look forward to hearing about your project!

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