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Troubleshooting Your Campaign: Weak Video

Even if your project has nothing to do with moving pictures, you will still need a decent video that won’t actively scare prospective backers away. (If your project is a film or video game, you will need a professional level video.)


You don’t need to go overboard, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. But with your video, craftsmanship counts as much as the concept. These are some common video problem areas, and some suggestions on how to turn a poor video into a functioning one.

  1. Too long. If your video is over 59 seconds, cut it.  Your video is, essentially, an ad. Long is bad. (Again, this does not apply to films or video games – full length feature trailers can be up to 3 minutes long. It may not apply to music albums, if your promo is a full-length music video.)
  2. Poor sound quality. It is much better to have a simple slideshow with a good quality musical soundtrack than poor quality sound of anything else. Even if you are just shooting your video on your phone, it is worth an under $100 investment in a microphone that can plug into your phone or laptop. (If your project is a film or album, you will need professional level sound recording and editing.)
  3. Endcards, credits, and cuts. We are trained to expect information at the beginning and the end of a trailer about a project, and we are accustomed to certain kinds of video cuts and transitions. The simple, free video software that came with your phone, laptop, or tablet should suffice to give your video that little bit of polish that helps to orient the viewer.
  4. Soundtrack. There is rights-free digital music available on the internet. Be very careful here: if you run afoul of copyright, your platform has the right to just delete your campaign. Use good judgement and pick some fitting tunes.

Pay attention to the details, and take the time to get them right. A good concept alone will not make your viewer feel comfortable pulling out their wallet for you. A minimum level of professionalism is required.

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