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On Sabbatical – But Resources Are Available

Hello, crowdfunders! I am taking a sabbatical from crowdfunding consulting Рbecause I have been offered the opportunity to develop and teach a full-year introduction to  entrepreneurship curriculum!*

This means that for the indefinite future, I am not accepting crowdfunding consulting proposals. HOWEVER, If you are working on a crowdfunding project and need help, you are welcome to sign up for our FREE course offered through Reedsy.com, or preorder Crowdfunding for Authors. In both cases the material is tailored to writers, but the core principles apply to any project. (We focused on writers because they have the most difficult time crowdfunding. If they can do it, you can!).

Good luck with your project – you can do it!


*PS – Since 2014 I have been teaching math, then physics, and most recently senior thesis at the Renaissance School, a college prep academy for high ability students in the arts, sciences, and humanities in Charlottesville, VA. I love this school, and am thrilled to have been invited to introduce this business course!