How to succeed at crowdfunding: VIP Soft Launch

It’s polite – and it’s good business – to invite your VIPs to your crowdfunding campaign prior to the official launch. Restaurants call it a soft opening, filmmakers call it a test screening, publishers call it an ARC. We call the exclusive sneak peek of your campaign your “VIP Soft Launch.” If your plan is to run your campaign during the month of May, launch it quietly on April 30. Don’t tell anyone – except your Day 1 Backers and Benefactors. Invite them individually and personally. It’s that simple.

The sobering truth of the matter is that an almost unbelievable one in eight crowdfunding campaigns – over 27,000 projects – close never raising dollar one. You don’t want the public to see the number zero headlining your campaign. “$0 raised / 0% towards goal” gives your campaign a negative tone from the start, and for you, the artist, it looks downright depressing. This is the way that every campaign begins, of course, but you want to eliminate that negative billboard as quickly as possible.

blog images - zero zero

This private launch gives the people most supportive of and excited about your project the chance to order exclusive rewards first. But it is also good business. The public never need be stared down by those discouraging zeroes.

For a free crowdfunding analysis of your project, please fill out our Artist Questionnaire. We typically respond within two weeks. We look forward to hearing about your project!

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